1. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. Please be prepared to cover all expenses at the time of your visit. Estimates can be given in order to help you budget for any type of visit. In the cases of an emergency, our staff would be happy to help you apply for Care Credit or Scratchpay.

2. We accept Cash, Checks via ACH processing, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express)

3. Care Credit – Care Credit is available for all your pet care and healthcare needs. The application can be completed via your smartphone or computer. Determination of your approval can be made in minutes. There are multiple financing options available depending on your approved amount and cost of services. Please see terms of service at CareCredit.com

4. Scratchpay – Scratchpay is a loan type payment option that allows you to receive the services you need and pay later. This option is good for those patients that have a one-time, large cost service. The Scratchpay program can be used multiple times by clients, on an as needed basis. Please visit our Scratchpay page to find a payment plan.

5. Pet Insurance – If your pet is on an insurance plan, we would be happy to provide the necessary documentation to help you with your reimbursement. Some pet insurance options include:

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance