Mario loves working at Foland Veterinary Services for many reasons. The main reason would be Drs. Paula and Ron Foland. Mario appreciates the doctors’ abundant compassion and their never-give-up mentality. He shares the belief that at Foland Veterinary Services, we are one big family. Mario has been in the veterinary field for 11 years. He loves to learn and better himself for the benefit our team, our clients, and our patients. Mario likes to know and participate in everything. You can find him working in all the different areas of the office. He particularly enjoys parasitology and inventory management. He also enjoys learning about cutting edge technology and medicines. Mario shares his home with two Pomeranians – Blaze and Ozzy; and one crazy Husky, named Aspen. Mario is excited to help Foland Veterinary Services grow and become the best veterinary office in Weatherford.